CS:GO Weapon "Vacation" Finish Collection Idea + Concept

Hello all of you people more skilled than I am
I’ve got an idea for CS:GO weapon finish collection
and the idea being faux wood/bamboo with engraved Tiki esq. totem faces and with graphics of ‘hawaii shirt’ on other gun parts
Here’s the really poorly made concept for a Glock-18


(I have checked workshop for existing stuff and didn’t find anything similar)
If you’d be interested in making this, please add me on steam so i could present you ideas for other guns and probably make an original floral design for the ‘hawaii shirt’ part.


I made this sketch but lmao holy shit who the fuck unwrapped the Glock I mean come the fuck on what even is this


I can get you the regular texture, here i added you so we can talk about this and maybe future concepts