Cs office

hey can i get the link to the origamal cs office used in so many gmod videos


soory i ment original

dont you have Counter strike source? should be there. if you dont i dont know how you will be able to “download” the map without having the right content.

o yah i dont have css i need to get that

You don’t have CSS? Well then TOO FUCKING BAD.

I’m sorry but may I ask, was that necessary? All he said is “Oh, I need that.” He wasn’t saying “Can some one give it to me for free?” or “Gift me CSS please.” No he didn’t say that at all. Now take your stupid comments some where else. The kid didn’t do anything to you now did he? No.

I’m honestly kinda surprised that you of all people are defending him. Good job.

“hay gaiz pls gief wareez k”

wtf did it say?

I think CS:S needs to be a requirement for garrysmod

It just sucks so much with out.