CS:S CoD4 Sound Replacement Pack

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] CS:S CoD4 Sound Replacement Pack

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] This pack replaces CS:S weapon and radio sounds with sounds from CoD4.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] CS:S, CoD4, A functional brain

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://files.filefront.com/cod4+sounds+csszip/;12092130;/fileinfo.html [/release]

This pack replaces all the weapon sounds and the radio dialogue (not bot dialogue, sadly) in CS:S with sounds from CoD4. In instances where there were weapon mismatches, I chose what I thought sounded the best. For instance, the AWP sound is the M82 .50 sniper rifle sound.

Credits to Infinity Ward for making CoD4. I did not make these, I merely renamed them and arranged them correctly.

KNOWN ISSUES: The CT and T win music cuts out after a few seconds when the round begins again. This is because the music is much longer than the original CT and T win sounds. If you don’t like it, delete ctwin.wav and terwin.wav

Nice idea, i may give it a try… I don’t play CSS a lot tho.

Why is it trashed?

How sad. I was really looking forward to downloading it. Can you upload it somewhere else?

Go go gadget filefront!


Stupid FPSB rules.

Porting sounds from one game to another is not allowed? SAY WHAT?

People seem to have no problem porting models and textures!

Jesus christ people are so butthurt at FPSB.

Any pretty pictures?

I am a shallow person and base all my opinions on the pretty pictures :v:
Oh wait…it’s a sound pack…
Got my download. :v:

No, just no. Any ported content is illegal at FPSB if the game its ported from isn’t on the porting whitelist. If a game is on the porting whitelist, the official permission from the game developers was given to use the content in other games as long as no money is charged.

CoD4 is not on the porting whitelist, therefore stuff ported from it is illegal. Easy as pie. Got it?

It’s just that the FPSBanana people are really anal about illegal content. Everybody there acts like illegal material is satanic.

aw man you stole my idea, i did this but all of the sounds i got didn’t work

Could someone repost this?

Oh and there are 2 great maps , just search fpsbanana for vacant and shipment

This radio fails because it doesn’t have matching sounds

wait…this is in the wrong section…I guess…

I remember back in '05 FPSBanana had porn stuff.

Please elaborate on this, sir, and I will fix it in a new release.

This Sound pack makes the Five-Seven sound like a bubble shooter.

Haha! Me to. The amount of dirty sprays they had back then was unreal

well the radio isn’t only sas, it’s also marines so that doesn’t really make sense

SAS sounds by themselves don’t cover the full CS:S spectrum of radio commands.

Hey man check out your AK-47 sound and check the real CoD4 AK-47 sound!

i’ve downloaded this video from youtube and edit the sounds and cut the AK fire sound…but it didn’t work…i don’t know why…i tried with wave sound and mp3…but ingame you can’t hear it…