CS:S Combine And Rebel Skin pack

Hey guys, And unknown person who hasn’t been on for Years here.
I’m looking for Half life 2 skins for CS:S Because FPS/Gamebanana Believes it’s illegal to Port one game’s Content to Another when they’re both From the Same company.

Strictly what i am looking for:
Counter-Terrorists Combine Skins (Combine elite, Shotgunner, Soldier and Metrocop)
Terrorist Rebel skins (Medic and Regular Rebel)

A simple switch up that i couldn’t even hope to do to Save my own penis.
I have a soundpack and i don’t care for Weapon skins.

If someone could do this i’d be so happy.

Q: So you mean Add CS:S Animations to Half-life models?
A: I have no fucking clue. I just want Half-life Skins for CS:S. Don’t ask me this shit

Q: Just Reskin the CS:S Models?
A: NO. Remodel them so they look like Combine, Don’t just draw over the Existing CS:S Models.

Q: Google this. It’s already posted somewhere
A: No it isn’t. I already googled for one fucking hour.

Q: This is illegal to Post.
A: Then Fucking PM me it. Problem Solve.

Q: I R Stuped. How 2 Sken modles?
A: Don’t try it. You’ll harm yourself and others around you.

its not illegal on gamebanana at all. whoever told you that is stupid. every single half life 2 model comes with any source game like css tf2 etc inside of the source models & source materials gcfs.

I could do this. I’m not on my PC right now but I can probably do it later.

Whoever told you it’s illegal should quit the internet.

I don’t know who told you that it was illegal to port content from Half-Life 2 to CS:S, but they most be smoking some pretty strong stuff. Valve is perfectly fine with the content from Half-Life 2 being ported into other titles on the Source engine, especially since Half-Life 2 is used as a general base for almost every Source game they’ve made. The only exception they have is taking content from later titles and moving them into earlier titles (an example would be L4D2 content being moved into L4D). GameBanana would be perfectly fine with this.

Yeah i know, But every comment on gamebanana About the matter involves porting somehow illegal.

Thanks, Anyway i could reward you would be nice.

Well, just remember this: it’s only illegal if A) Valve’s content being ported to an older game (I.E., L4D2 to CS:S) or B) the developing company in general whose content you are wishing to port from (let’s say Nexon for example) isn’t on their porting whitelist. If it’s on the porting whitelist, it’s free game as long as you provide proper credit and follow any particular rules that the company has about porting their content from one game to another.