CS:S Crouch Delay for GMOD?

So i’ve been doing tests for crouch settings for a while. I see that there’s a big difference on this delay thing. So on GMOD when you hit the crouch button (with CS:S copy on hulls) it snaps right away crouching so fast even on timescale 0.01 it goes crouches less then 0.00001 seconds, but on CS:S it has a delay, so like if you crouch it doesn’t snap right to it. It takes time for the crouch to finish and here is the video on that I mean on CS:S:


Is there away to add this is GMOD so it has his effect?

Yes you are right, but it only works when not in air witch is dumb. It only works on ground any fix?

Are you sure it doesn’t work in air too?

Yea… it’s just for me???

I haven’t tried it so I wouldn’t know but it seems weird that it wouldn’t work.


I guess no one knows about this…

more like;

i guess nobody wants to help somebody who doesn’t want to help himself.

Help himself??? What??? What do you mean.