CS:S Fill the Field

So I have this map that I finished brushwork on today, it is my second map (my first being unreleased). However, when I designed it on paper, I put trees in the middle of a field, to break up the action. I just now found out there are no trees in Counter Strike: Source. How can I break up the field?

I’m pretty sure there are trees. I’m sure that a bunch of Valve maps have them; you just need to look harder.

Can you tell me where to find them? I’m rather new at mapping in hammer, so your help would be greatly appreciated.

They’re under props_foliage in the model browser. Just add a prop_static ent, and set it’s world model to something like props_foliage\oak_tree01.mdl .

Okay thanks a lot. I’ll try it out.


Cool. There’s also a poplar tree, and a bunch of other dead ones.

In the Militia folder there might also be trees.

Found them, thanks.