CS:S Guerilla Ninja - Skin/Model

Well, got bored one day, came up with this heh :slight_smile:
You may have seen it before, i posted it on Zombified world a while back.
The skin, the model, and spawn code are all included (Replaces nothing, generates new model)


^ Epic Pose ^

Note : Do NOT re-upload this anywhere!
You may make it a playable character or make NPCs out of it and upload them.
But you can not re-upload the ZIP downloaded or the files inside it.

DOWNLOAD : http://filesmelt.com/Filehosting2/downloader.php?file=Ninja Guerilla.zip


C&C welcomed.

It looks great, I think you should lighten up the arms a little.

if I blurry up my sight i swear it is Noob Saibot

If you didn’t know a Ninja Gui is made of Dragons blood, the darkest material in the universe. So it should be darker.

If you have lighter it looks wierd
If you have it darker, the fabric texture is usless, and thus looks blank and ugly.
And what? Noob Saibot?


Oh right, just looked at the net, some kind of character or something. Nvm.

Download it and tell me what you think.
I might make some more skins if its good :stuck_out_tongue: