CS:S Hands

As you know, a lot of weapons use the CS:S hand model. I was wondering how can I replace this model with the Rebel hand model altering the GMod files only? Can I simply replace certain materials and fix this issue? Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure, exactly. You might have to reskin the CS:S hand model with something else and use that model or texture.

Or just do like I do when I find something that has a missing texture, or something. Find what it looks like, and just remake it!
Or if it’s a buggy model that you don’t have for a weapon, just use a weapon you already have.

Like the Dear Sister Swep (deagle) I swapped the deagle for the .357.

No all the models are fine, the pack I’m talking about is Kermite’s weapon pack. The weapons inside these pack all use the hand model from CS:S. I’m just wondering what materials should I replace to change the hand model to the rebel hand model. I prefer it if I didn’t have to do anything to CS:S, but if it can’t be avoided then oh well.