CS:S Iron Sights are off

My CS:S weapon’s iron sights are out of wack. When i go to use them it zooms in and the weapon goes a little off to the left for the most part some of the guns zoom up closer to the right side of the gun than others. I have taken out all of my addons and tried it and that didn’t fix it. The only weapons that it is doing this to is the regular CS:S weapons and CS:S realistic weapons V4. I would greatly appreciate any help to help me resolve this problem.


Oh and if the solution is something really complicated that no one feels like explaining just let me know so that way I will have an answer.

How did you “remove all your addons”

The only clean way is to rename garrsmod folder

I just took them all out of the addons folder. Do you mean literally rename it or is there other things that I have to do?


Ah ok nevermind I am going to go try that now. Thanks

A few of the weapons don’t have properly modeled ironsights so some one just made it so you look along the side of the weapon

CS:S Realistic has sights made that way. If you don’t like it, get Mad Cow’s Weapons v3

Or you can get kermite’s weapons…