[CS:S] l4d zoey for t_leet

hi guys can u make this l4d zoey http://techknowmodels.19.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=187 for css t_leet
i tried to rename it but nothing

Can you be more precise, I have no idea what you’re saying.
And I have no intention to watch that 7 minute video to maybe get a partial idea of it.


ok listen this zoey model http://techknowmodels.19.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=187 is for my own server but i want this for terrorists T_leet that it can work in random servers like
mw2 player models work in random serves so i want this model to work in random servers

I shall attempt to translate this. May God have mercy on our souls.

It appears he wishes the linked Zoey replacement to replace the Terrorist ‘leet’ model, but attempting to rename it and replace has been futile. He seems to request that it shall work in online multiplayer servers like the mentioned ‘MW2 Playermodels’.

Ow, my brain cells.

ur English is awesome :smiley:

And yours is… eugh…

i know srry :smiley:
so can somebody help me ?

What game is this for? I’m assuming you mean Gmod, since this is the Gmod section.

nah for counter strike source
thats why i named this theard “[CS:S] l4d zoey for t_leet”


so ? css was made 1st than gmod and this is any Model/Skin Requests not only gmod
so can somebody please help me

That’s completely irrelevant.


These are the official forums of Garry’s Mod.

ok idc so if u only post negative posts then don’t ok
bc i rly need some help

Can we have an Admin here? This is the wrong section and to prevent further trouble it’d be nice if this thread could be locked.

pff i thought that facepunch could help me

It can, but this isn’t the right section. Yes, it may be for Models/Skins but this is only for Garry’s Mod. We can’t help you because this is like what would happen if you started asking us why your computer is having trouble with it’s new graphics card…IN THE MAPPING SECTION. Go to another section.

ok then help me trough private messaging


Since you can’t seem to work out anything by yourself:

i can but my pc is mest up with ms3d and other stuff