CS:S like Radar help.

So yeah,

I have been working on a CS:S like radar since after browsing through GCFs, I found out that Counter Strike was using textures for the radar ( only textures, that includes the map itself ). So I have successfully made the player positions inside the radar and when they go off screen. But here is what I am stuck on.

How would I make the texture scroll in the radar as we move?
How would I position the texture correctly when we travel?

Here is my Radar:


How would I make the texture scroll and be at the right place?
I thought of using something like surface.DrawTexturedRectRotated and rotating it using LocalPlayer():EyeAngles().y * - 1 but as for making it scroll and being at the right place, no idea.

Thanks if you can help out.

Nvm, case closed.