CS:S Mapping

Hi, I’m at my first real CS map. But as now i feel i’m stuck.
I have this question: Is it possible to make a wall “two sided”, one texture on one side, another on second side. So that i dont have to do two “walls”?
Here are some screenies:

Also i fear that it will become quite blocky :confused:

My last question: Can i create my own textures somehow simple? Like something alá ms paint would be prefered.

It’s supposed to become a mansion xD

EDIT: and the decals are giving me troubles. When i spray then using the decal button, they are VERY large. How?

(Going on vacation tomorrow, not able to answer in 14 days)

Ok, for starters, use the face edit tool to texture one side of a brush - brushes are the “walls”… MEaning, you do not need lots of brushes to make one wall.
The face edit tool is the one under the brush tool.

Decals - when looks for a texture, search decal, and use them, if they stillcome out big, use an overlay instead - same principle as decals but you can change thier size.
The overlay tool is under the decal tool.

And creating textures is easy, you need either photoshop or paint.net - or any other image editor that you can use a VTF plugin with.

You have good basic skill.
Good luck!!

You’re not using the right tool. Decals don’t store stretch information; they just paste a texture onto another. Useful for grates, stains, etc. If you want to stretch and crop textures, you need to use the overlay tool.

Thank you both for the information, I will look at it when i get time :slight_smile: