CS:S Maps not loading

For some reason… the CS:S maps won’t load. Whenever I click to try to load them, it just goes back to the main menu. I’ve made sure C:SS is installed, buuuut nothing.
Help/info would be much appreciated, Thanks.

Try loading one, and see what it says in console about it.

“CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: Map ‘maps/cs_militia.bsp’ bsp version 21, expecting 20
map load failed: cs_militia not found or invalid”

Hmmm, saying it’s not found.
I’ll verify the game cache for both C:SS and GMod and see what happens.

Edit: Whenever I clicked ‘verify game cache’, Steam told me there was a “new” and “efficient” format for the game to run on (I seriously don’t even know what this means, the game seems the same but ok).
This happened to me for Half-Life 2, but it notified me in the game launcher.

I just solved my own issue. Haha.

Yeah, what you were launching was a CS:GO version of that map.