[CS:S] MW2 based SWAT player model (ct_gsg9)

Now i know kung-fu. I fixed all the problems i had with this skin:


Basically its a Ghost model from Predaaator’s pack ( http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=846183 - ct_gsg9)
Helmet model (called helmet_07.mdl) i took from antianan’s release http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=953992
I removed glasses and headphones from Ghost, added helmet with gasmask.

To get this skin in game u must have Predaaator’s rangers ct player skins installed - my release is a patch and uses his Rangers textures.


p.s. sorry for ugly ingame screenshots, i was too lazy to do better.

Predaaator - player model rip, textures
antianan - mw2 gear pack, helmet model, textures
Gsom9000 aka SpiceMustFlow - model compile

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?78j9v01rfc61nvb


Awesome omg omg i love you!!!

Also are you open for requests?

I got better images BTW:

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If you are open for request.

Very nice job. I tried to compile the same Gas Mask to a model, but I got consistency errors.
Quite a job you did with the models.

It reminds me of the Soldiers in The Crazies remake.

That´s what I thought too

The gas mask is also form MW2? I could swear it is from Metro 2033.
Speaking of which, why hasn’t anybody ported stuff from Metro 2033?

It is from Metro 2033!

Just with MW2 attachemnts (Helmet,earbuds)

hexed please!!

Its a replacement, not a model. read better.

Nice would love to see more.

Awesome model, gsom9000 can you rig it and for L4D2 Coach

Oh sorry bro i dont know anything about L4D2 rigging. Basically its the same, imho, but there are little details with compiler settings, and i didnt learn em yet.

That’s ok, but still great job :wink:

why not use a better model for the body?