|CS:S| MW3 SAS CT player models.


COD MW3 SAS CT Pack for CS:S

10 Feb 2012


Original Models, textures: Infinity Ward & Sledgehammer games
Models Ripping: luxox_18
Textures Ripping: BravoSix, luxox_18
Porting for CS:S: BravoSix

Author: BravoSix


If anyone wants to add Gmod support, like Citizen heads, or finger posing, or even nude models. Contact Bravo Six first.

He gave me the heads up for release if you are wondering.

It’s good.

It works fine, have not found a bug yet

Does anyone have any alternate downloads? MediaFire keeps saying there’s a problem with it and restarting.

Mirror 2:


Excelent skins.

These are cool so I would have to contact Bravo six if I want to hex them?

Well, I retract what I said about contacting Bravo Six, as long as you credit him, then yea, it’s all yours for hexing :3

Now gmod friendly!
I put the credits in too.

Oh, cool.


Thanks. Been waiting for this since you mentioned it xD

Could someone turn this into a playermodel? Currently working on my video, would be gratefull!:dance:

freaking awesome

BTW good work Pooch :stuck_out_tongue:


And release? :v:
If you do you’re my hero <3

I’m new to player modeling, I need to work on one thing, when you die it’s alittle buggey and there is no ragdoll animation, after I figure that out, I’ll release it. I was going to make my own thread because I was working on BF3 ragdolls too. Stay tuned.

i got some problem though, it takes several bullets to kill them in game when you aim at their head… XD

is there a way for them to have helmets? you never know when u need protection

i tested it with bots and shoot them in the head at pointblank range, the head shot death icon never appeared…