[CS:S] Please Help Me Decompile This Skin


I’ve wanted to unsleeve it myself, but i don’t really understand what this is talking about:

1).decompile this P90 in “folder 1”
2).decompile my new P90(release in gameb) in “folder 2”
3).go to “folder 2” and copy the “manoss.smd” reference
4). paste this smd reference in “folder 1”
5). open .QC and edit the $studio “hands” “manoss.smd” and delete “$studio sleeves_reference.smd”, and delete “$studio “hands.smd”
6).reflace fps… to snap rotate -90 fps”

If possible i would really like it if an expert like you could help me unsleeve it and give me the mediafire link
Please And Thank You