[CS:S] Please Help Me With This Skin

When i installed this skin, everything was alright.But the weapon turned purple and black.I’m really desperate to get this skin.And i really need an expert to help me fix this skin! Or perhaps if the skin was perfectly fine to you, please tell me how

If it’s showing up as purple and black, then you probably installed it improperly. Make sure the Materials folder is placed in the Cstrike directory and give it another try. If that still doesn’t work, decompile the model and check the .qc for the directory paths for the textures and then locate said directories to make sure the .VMT and .VTF files are there. If the files (or the folder itself) is missing, then you just installed it wrong and need to reinstall it.

use my pack, and all fixed :slight_smile:

Yes, from the models folder, There are “.vtx” , “.vvd” and “.mdl” files.For the materials folder, there’s “.vmt” and “.vtf” files. I tried reinstalling and everything except decompiling, so what should i do now? Because i have no idea how to decompile :frowning:

You need to make sure you installed things properly, because now it’s just sounding like you have no idea what you’re doing (not trying to be rude, but that’s how I’m seeing it). Obviously there’s no issue with the model files, so you are more than likely installing the textures improperly. Take a look through this tutorial and see if it helps you. It was pretty clear for me when I started playing CS:S a few years ago with skins, so it should help you out greatly.

Excluding decompiling (which is extremely easy), you could try linking us to the skin so that we could take a look and see if it’s an issue with the way the archive is set up. I’d say follow that tutorial first, though.

It’s okay if you are saying what you’re seeing…so here is the link.“http://bit.ly/unsleeved_deagle
if i’m not wrong, i installed the skin by dragging the materials and model folders (I’m kind of suprised that there wasn’t sounds and scripts) into the cstrike from steamapps

I just tested it out on my end and it works perfectly fine. If you followed that tutorial correctly and it’s still not working, then I’ve only got one thing to ask - are you playing on a pirated copy?

Absolutely not! I bought it in a retail store!
But do you mind giving me the full instructions?

Okay, here’s another question: did you activate it on Steam or not?

Someone else on GameBanana was having a similar issue to yours with their copy of CS:S. It was a legit copy, but they didn’t activate it on Steam and ended up having a bunch of bugs with skins until they did activate it. That’s pretty much the only other thing I can think of that could be a possible issue for the skin not working.

I did activate it on steam.And i can promise you that i wasn’t lying if you add me in steam. But then, can you tell me how did you get the skin to be working fine? Perhaps my english wasn’t that good and i couldn’t understand what the guy in gamebanana was trying to say…

I got the skin working properly just by installing it the way it needed to be installed. Here’s a step-by-step method:

  1. Inside the archive is 3 folders (CoD4 Deagle, MW2 Deagle, and Required). You must first go into the “Required” folder in the archive, and from there you will see a folder labeled as “materials” (minus the quotation marks of course). Take the “materials” folder from there and place it in your cstrike directory (C:/…/Steam/Steamapps/your name/Counter-Strike Source/cstrike/).

  2. After placing the materials folder into your cstrike directory, go back to the three main folders mentioned before and choose either the “CoD4 Deagle” or the “MW2 Deagle” folder (for example, I went with the “MW2 Deagle” folder). Within that folder is another folder labeled as “models”. You do the same as you did with the “materials” folder - drag it into the cstrike directory.

  3. Go into the game and test it out. If you did it properly, then you shouldn’t have any issues at all.

Wait a minute…that’s what i did! But The COD4 desert eagle is the one that has the problem…Why not you try to install the cod4 desert eagle? and see if there’s any problem

I tested that one as well, there was no issue.

I’m really mad at myself now…It still doesn’t work! This may sound crazy, but can you make a video on how to install that skin?

I already explained how to install it, dude. A video won’t make it any more clear, as you’ve already stated that you’ve installed it the exact same way I explained how to in my earlier post. If it’s not working for you, then idk what to tell you at this point.

You mean i have to put the models and material folders inside the cstrike?
I did that already but it didn’t work for me :frowning:

I downloaded it and it’s doing this to me but I know how to fix it I’ll upload a fix for you when I’m done.

Extract the materials folder to cstrike after you extracted the models folder from cod4 deagle to cstrike and the materials folder in required to cstrike.

But there’s one little problem…why is there no sound for the draw?