[CS:S] Please Teach Me How To Decompile

For these past few months I’ve always been looking for people who can help me remove the sleeves or gloves from a certain weapon skin.And none were to help me.So I’ve decided to decompile the skin myself and remove the sleeves and gloves by myself.But of course, i have no idea what decompiling is…But I’ve heard that with that you can remove the sleeves and gloves.I need some expert to teach me :smiley:

You don’t need an expert to teach you. There are plenty of tutorials online that you can use to learn how to do this at your own pace (which is a plus since a lot of people that you could ask are usually busy with other projects and can’t get the time to assist you). And as an added bonus, a tutorial won’t get pissed off at you if it has to repeat itself since it’s usually just a video or assorted text. :v:

Gamebanana has quite a few tutorials that are pretty decent and easy to follow. And unless I’m mistaken, there’s also a few tutorials around here as well that you could take a look into.