[CS:S] Predaaator's MW2 Traitors and Rangers reskin

Hi! This is my 1st release. For a long time i was using great Predaaator’s MW2 player skinpack, i dont need to tell how awesome they are. But only one thing bothered me - they all are look just the same… I mean their clothes colors were similar. So i decided to rework textures a little. For CT team i use default cs:s ct-like palettes. Plus i have changed Ghost’s glasses to look more mw2-ish. Nuff said.


And terrors… Well Its just my crazy vision of terror team based on Predaaator’s models. Now u can easily find who is t_Leet or who is t_Arctic even from long distances. I think these camos look cool and fancy:


Predaaator - amazing models, uvmaps, textures
AlexVestin - additional textures
gsom9000 - retexture

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?rf1wa4whwmkm5l1

P.S. Sorry for screenshots size and ugliness.

I’m alright with the first four guys’ camo, but the guys on the bottom would be too easy to pick out in combat, especially Phoenix and Arctic. They still look cool, but the tacticalness (is that even a word?) is the only thing that bugs me. You still have my download sir.

Yeah, i was thinking about tactical terror camos, but couldnt find good color combinations. Its cuz of specific models - default terror outfits will look ugly on em, imho. Any tactical camo will be dark and CT skins already darkened… Maybe ill tweak terror textures later, but now i like these skiers/basejumpers =)

good for you,the screenshot don’t load :frowning:

hi not bad for first skin m8 bud this is 5 min job for me on ps and the camo is to big m8 find more high resolution camo textures then it lock mutch better m8 here ar some god textures

Pass : templatep2p

The kevlar doesn’t fit the uniform on most cases, and the camo seems too bright for the model. Try darkening the more colorful ones, like the red “artic” or the phoenix one.
(Are you sure you didn’t messed up with the Leet and the Artic screenshots? shouldn’t they be swapped or something?)

Nah the arctic has right colors =) He just came from some kind of snow massacre =)


i know its a crazy reskin. just let this thread go =)