CS:S props are appearing as an error and some icon errors

i have CS:S and when ever i spawn props like props_urban/chair.mdl(not exact link, its as close as i could get to it), it appears as a chair, but yet, not all of the CS:S props appear as an error.

oh, and theres 2 icon errors, like the military models, i can see the full model(even after regenerating it), but it appears as an error ingame(this is the same with CS:S, well, only some)

and i want my icons to spin like in the gmod tutorials :frowning:

Ok I have looked for addons that make your props spin like garry’s for ages with no luck, but back to your real question. If I where you I would start up Gmod go into “Garry’s mod Options” and check if the css props is checked off so that the props work, if not check it then restart Gmod and it should work. Other then that try reinstalling CS:S and/or Gmod and it should fix it.