[CS:S] Skin Request


The weapon was really cool, but the link in the description was broken…Please can anyone help me out here?

So I am supposed to put the materials folder into my cstrike?
anyways, when i opened my winrar, it gave me a diagnostic saying that there’s some unexpected error in the archive

Then your download corrupted and redownload it. Put it all in cstrike.

Is there sleeves inside the skin?

Considering that it’s shown to not have sleeves in the video, it would be safe to assume that there aren’t any sleeves.

No…i’m talking about the link the gave me, in the materials folder, there are sleeves…But i don’t need the gloves :L

After reviewing the files, yes there are sleeves included. However, it’s not that hard to get rid of them. Just add “$no_draw” “1” into the .VMT files for the sleeves and you’ll be fine.

Can you give me the clear instructions for me to do this since it’s simple for you? I might not because i’m still new to modelling

Editing the model won’t be necessary and would just make more work than what needs to be done. Here’s what you do:

  1. Open the first of the two .VMT files that are in the mw2_sleeves folder (you should know where this is at). It can be opened with either VTFEdit or Notepad. If you don’t feel like downloading VTFEdit, open it with Notepad since it’s already on your system.

  2. You will see a line in the .VMT file labeled “$basetexture”, followed by the directory that the .VMT file will be reading to find the .VTF file. At the very start of this line, hit the Enter key to drop it down one line. After doing this, go to the blank line that you just created above it and add in the “$no_draw” “1” info on that line. Make sure that “$no_draw” “1” comes up before the “$basetexture” line, sometimes the .VMT will misread this and not take effect if it shows up further down in the info.

  3. Click on the save icon and then close out of the .VMT file.

  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3, but in the second .VMT file.

Hopefully this helps. If you need an example, just say so and I will give you an image of another .VMT file to use as a minor reference.

Thank you ver much…But would it be too much if i were to ask for a image of another?

And For some reason when i open the .VTF file using notepads, where symbols goes like this :“VTF a P ¥uµ<Pª<˜º¦< €?
¦9%!ª "b†1à Ša†1à "±)†1à (7èAºêZ¢Bä zññЦ9äªî†1¢¹½Ç9!ªW÷
Ç9$!Ø÷§¬§9ãʺç€e)!©×´¦9à øçAÃèHLêçAãnOǧ¦9£>/

that’s because .vtf are image files,
use vtfedit to open it and it should be fine,.
.vmt however can be opened in notepad

So all i have to do is to open the .VMT files using notepad and put “nodraw"1” on top of “$basetexture”?

Like fharen said, the .VTF files won’t open properly in Notepad. You have to open the .VMT files like I mentioned. Anyways, here’s an example image from one of the .VMT’s I am working on for a weapon model.


And one more question, if the nodraw was to delete the sleeves, how am i going to do it for the gloves

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And one more question, if the nodraw was to delete the sleeves, how am i going to do it for the gloves

The gloves are the default CS:S arm rig. You only need to use it on the sleeves.

I mean if i were to download a weapon skins that only has a custom gloves, then how do i remove it too.

That would be dependent on arm rig being used. If it comes with a different arm rig than the default, you will more often than not be unable to do anything with it.