CS:S sounds in Garry's mod refuse to work

Alright, so I go into Garry’s mod, and ALL the cs:s sounds are gone, I can’t hear anything but the bullet impact when
I fire a gun that uses CS:S scripts/sounds. From what I have read in several links and sources is that it is the scripts
are what’s doing it. Could someone help? I know the very few posts I make are help posts, but my Garry’s mod is really crazy. So, could someone help?

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Gee, thanks. I appreciate the help you guys have given me right now! /sarcasm

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I don’t know my specs yet, if that’s why. This has nothing to do with my system.

Yep, Last time I played, CSS weps didn’t have sound. I had almost totally clean gmod.

Oh, so this is normal? Thank god. Well, sorry for posting a thread, apparently no one else had the bug.

Bump, I really need a fix, it’s getting very annoying.

Never mind, I got it to work. Just delete your game_sounds_manifest file.