CS:S Sounds problem

Well, hi everyone.

I just got The orange Box and Gmod, of course one of my best days in my Life :D.

Well, someone gived me a DVD whit a CSS Addon, DoD Addon, Gmod Pack etc. I installed the CSS Addon. My friend told me that the addon works perfectly, it adds a couple of Statics, the CSS Models and a bunch of weapons. I installed the addon in “Addons” Folder, wich is correct. I runned the game and loaded Flatgrass, Ragdolls and Props showed up, but weapons? no.

Now i Downloaded CSS Realistic Weapons 3.0, everythin was OK, weapons showed up and no sound?

I installed CSE NightEagle’s weapons pack (3 of Them), and none had working sounds. Also some Tactical Weapons mods, whit Errors, violet hands, no sound.

What should i do? Thanks

Well, it seems like your friend gave you WAREZ, which is the act of selling, giving, or distributing game files without owning the game (it’s also illegal).

So your friend apparently forgot to include sounds in his disk, so

  1. Legally own the game

Your friend gave you a disk that was full of Warez and lies. If you want all that content you’ll have to pay for the games like everyone else.

Oh, sorry, but i bough Gmod and Orange box, he only gived me the CSS addon.

I suggest you uninstall this CSS addon and buy the real thing.

i have the same problem with ep2 flechette sound and i made a own content addon from my real 2th account and also sound issue. its not because he have a warez css addon.