CS:S Textures

There are so many great maps that use CS:S… Is there an Addon that will fix those textures glitches? I am going to buy CS:S but for now is there an Addon that will give you the textures and models?

Any such addon would be illegal so just buy the game

aw, i did it with portal, i extracted all of the files from gcf to my gmod, even tho i dont have portal, i have the contents and stuff :smiley:

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No, that’s warez. It’s illegal. Above poster is a pirate.

Scrub the deck matey, ye olde pirate

Isn’t there a CSS demo though?

Taking content from a free demo is perfectly legal.

There isn’t a demo, what are you smoking?

N00bs in his CSS demo.

nooo, its not warez, its from portal: first slice

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