CS:S Textures

I recently purchased G-Mod on steam, i already had TF2 and Portal, but whenever i try to join a server i am missing a bunch of textures, i installed PHX and Wiremod and that fixed a few of them, but 99% of the servers i join have textures from Counter Strike! i feel like i was sold half of a game…

i wanted to know if there was a way for me to download CS:S textures, (without paying $20!) like an add-on or something? also, my friend has CS:S if i were to copy the files and put them in my steamapps folder would they work in G-mod?

*note I DON’T want to play counter strike, i just want the textures…

You have to buy it.

getting them without buying the game would be illegal

A lot of people only get it for the textures, and if you download them without buying the game then you’ve committed an illegal act. Just pay the fucking money and buy the game if it REALLY matters.


I figured it out, thanks for all your help! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Download the files and put them In your garry’s mod folder

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Just buy it, it’s a fun game, besides a lot of addons uses CS:S content.