CS:S The Ultimate Team

i have to give an apologize to you, cuz i gave false credit to this on fpsbanana, but if i didnt, they would banned these team, and you couldnt enjoy, so this time, i will :slight_smile:

sorry for not rig the fingers, i dont like that part, but if anyone does, is cool to me :wink:

now, my releases i’ll do it here, this place is cool

enjoy it, they have not error consistency

credits goes:
Body: Resident Evil 5 developers
Heads: Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Valve developers
Gasmask: Infernal developers
re-skin and ripped: me





Very Nice indeed!

Looks great

only thing i can see at first glance is that the phong on the helmet is a bit funky

Looks awesome.

Ah, this seriously needs finger rigging… :frowning:

Great job Pre’ , as always!

Btw, i’m Grumly_the_bear from FPSB… Maybe you remind me :slight_smile:

yeah my friend, how are you? long time :smiley:

Someone PLEASE do the finger posing, this models are fucking awesome.

I especially love the one with the NightVision Googles, he looks so badass in a Sci-Fi way.

wuahahaha, look like killzone guys


Nice. Are they hexed and can someone rig the fingers?

DUDE, these are the best! thanks!

The one with the goggles reminds me of someone and has given me an idea ^^

Fine , thanks, glad to see you’re still kickin ass’ :smiley:

and i still here for long time (…well, i hope :D)

Can someone put these on citizen anims?

This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector’s Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times.

This limit is reached.

Can you upload it to fpsbanana?

I kinda got it taken down as it was illegal, I wouldn’t have bitched to have it taken down had he just put the correct authors instead of cussing me out. But what can you do. I am glad he posted correct credits this time and would like to see this awesome pack with more options, I am sticking with the original pack as he removed the helmet I liked (the helmet I liked is the guy with the night vision and gas mask [I don’t like the gas mask]) so if you could make a gmod friendly selection pack of this skin it would be greatly appreciated and I am sorry that I aggravated you.

A link the ‘original’ pack would be great as we can’t really enjoy something we don’t have.

The model is badass, I like it. By the way, are these hex?

THANK you VERY much dude.


I downloaded v3 and found out it got rid of my helmet so I don’t have v1 anymore.