CS:S - Uhhhh no!

I’m getting pretty sick of this - Finding a server, downloading 300~ crappy files, and then when it comes to the map it wont download, because I don’t have CS:S because some crappy map makers think that everyone has it. Well they dont, and im sick of it.

Does anyone know a commonly used RP map, that does not require CS:S, and has at least 1 server dedicated to it? :frowning:

Just buy CS:S, its only $20.

As much as I would like too, I only have about $15 on a prepaid one, and it cant be “topped up” i.e, I would have to pay $20 again instead of $5.

Mow a lawn. 99% of good maps will use CS:S props, and usually people think ‘fuck packing all the props in it’ since it’s like you and two other people that don’t have it.


Try to just download the CS:S pack somewhere, i would suggest www.garrysmod.org

Seriously dude, the majority of people do have CS:S from what I’ve heard so you are in the minority bitching about something most people don’t need to worry about. That being said, I know how annoying it is because I did not have CS:S when I first bought Garry’s Mod and I know how annoying it is to find random fucking materials and models and textures and shit missing.

I do have one suggestion, and I can personally vouch this works. Go onto a forum, and just ask for $20 (in little donations perhaps) to be e-mailed to your paypal. I got $20 on 4chan one night because I posted a thread asking for donations to do just that, buy CS:S. Honest to god, if you’re too cheap to buy it yourself, ask for it on the internet. I’ll personally donate $5 to you if you can get the rest of the money, I don’t want my $5 not being used.

I didn’t even know CS:S was used on most maps.

CS:S is the most common Source engine game, and also the first, if everyone used EP2 for maps, then everyone would probably go crazy, so, yes, that is why CS:S is the most common base for maps.

Same thing, it was always fun back then to play on maps that had CSS skyboxes!

Just do some odd jobs and buy CSS. One odd job I use too do was catch Gila Monsters bare handed to entertain people.

(Gila Monsters are highly posionious don’t do it…)

man i have the same problem except i have an account that has css but isnt the same account as my gmod but im trying that .cgf file thing. I only got the viewmodels for the guns.

CSS props make maps way better, exept for HL2 RP where they aint needed. Just give up and buy CSS, not only will it fix your problems it will also allow you to:

  1. Play CSS (duh)
  2. Spawn CSS props

Don’t be an idiot. You can make your own map without CSS content, but if you’re seriously suggesting map makers limit their maps because you don’t have some content, you’re being ridiculous.

You have the following options:
[li]Make a replacement for the CSS content that is used in said maps that is at or above the quality of said CSS content.
[/li][li]Buy CSS.

It appears valve doesn’t want people embedding content from source games in to maps for other source games though you could go ahead and ask them about it http://valvesoftware.com/contact as i’m not sure who actually made that wiki page/graph.

I don’t get why they wouldn’t want people doing it, they only stand to gain more money as the more custom content there is the more people consider the game to be worth and the more people buy said game, they wouldn’t loose anything from letting people do it.

Cause it gives them pretty much the game without buying it. He can still do it though, i know some people that did it, Valve never took any action.