This is my first chapter in the forum picture.



this first photo:

I can see these pictures are from CS:S,
so you took some pictures with your new CSS skins and started to spam on FP? :v:

Css Reskin LOL

I think it’s quite obvious that those are actually poses.
And what the hell is that guy doing with his gun in the first picture?

I just activated my UAV and all i see is shit on my minimap =<.

Trust me, he made these screenshots with CS:S.

Just go to Spectator and then take a few screenshots of bots running like fools.

The CSS player animations look nothing like those. These are way too badly posed to look like player animations/

Well, if they are, then the angles really suck hard.
Just some Chinese kid that’s showing off his new skins I guess.

For Chinese Kids,More time spending in the f@cking Final Combat,Less in Valve of sourse games

Oh, god.

Not Final combat again.

[sp]Just incase you don’t know, Final Combat is a game that copies almost everything from TF2 that was made by Chinese, and that was horrible. :O[/sp]

Most chinese kids are shit.
Yeah,we are not the same as those shit kids.But as same as you ,hates that final combat.

Ok,This is a Garrysmod’s SreenShot.It’s not a screenshot of CS:Source!kids!

oh god the grammar!