cs source does not support jigglebone??

Hi guys, I try to add jigglebone command to qc file like this:

$cd “C:\mymodel\hero”
$modelname “player/t_guerilla.mdl”
$model “model1” “1.smd”

// jiggle bone

$jigglebone “jiggle1” {
is_flexible {
yaw_stiffness 100
pitch_stiffness 60
yaw_damping 3
length 20
yaw_constraint 0 0

But when i compile, it stop with error message “bad coommand $jigglebone” …
Is it because cs source doesnt support jigglebone??
thanks before.

Are you sure you’re compiling it under the orangebox SDK? I’m pretty sure you can’t do jigglebones with the old ep1 SDK.

hmm I think i’m not using the orangebox SDK. Do you know how can i get orangebox SDK?

When you open the Source SDK, there’s a dropdown menu in the launcher. If you pick ‘2007 Engine’ or ‘2009’ engine, you’ll be compiling under the orangebox version of studiomdl.

The orangebox model compiler is located in ‘C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*user name\sourcesdk\bin\orangebox\bin*’. If your *.qc file is ready to be compiled, you can just drag it onto the studiomdl.exe icon to feed it through instead of futzing around with GUI-based compilers.