dont ban me if i got a bad title again or anything like that please.

k this is a css map that ive been working on for abit but tell me what you think.

PS----I know theres a few “BUGS” maybe like u can maybe see inside the ground in the secret bit of the map. Oh and sorry no screenshots. youll have to figure it out for yourself.

Infomation: To go to the secret room and get to armoury etc with weapons please go outof your team’s House and go into the wall that is on attached to the bridge.
both sides have got the same stuff… acept the one side has pistols at there teleporter so youll know whats what


Heres the link http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=81210

-EDIT. images will be on than.

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“Blah no images find it out urself theres a link to facepunch inside the file in Read me.”

This does not fill me with confidence. Some pictures of what we are going to play would be nice, I’m not going to waste time and effort to download a really bad map, if I can avoid it beforehand.
Also a thread like this would be mroe suited to the releases subforum for future reference.

inb4lock, What the hell is this?

I don’t see it.

Where’s the map, so I can figure it out. :downs:

Just release it then, for christ’s sake.

OP is a load of fail…

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ok fair enough… ill get images argh im neally gotta go. sec wait 30 mins i put images.


U must be dumb lol Wheres the MAP ITS THERE if u refreshed Before 20:30 PM. today.

This map is blocky and fullbright.

Nobody will want to download this.


  • Add some lighting.
  • Make it look less blocky.
  • Use better textures.

:psypop: his language…it’s of a text message.

He’s maybe on his mobile internet.


Misaligned textures, No lighting, blocky, lack of details, no props, bad use of textures, little to no level design used.

And that’s just from the poor images you showed.

:effort: Enough said…