cs_assault_GO: Crappy Port Edition

Everyone loves that unbalanced Warehouse that you can wallbang everyone inside and out. That’s why I’m porting it to CS:GO, but you guys will have an opinion to it’s fate.

I’m gonna do a few things to it permanently and that won’t change. but for the most part, I need some ideas on how to balance it. and make it better.

Q: Why are you being a moron and doing this when Valve is gonna do it in the future?
A: Nothing wrong with having it first, because If I know Valve, the next update is in Valve Time. Also it’s because it’s fun.

Q: Will you change anything to it?
A: That depends on if you want me to change it or make it a clone.

Q: Screw you. this idea is awful and should be buried in bones.
A: good for you, I’m doing it anyways.

I plan on doing a complete overhaul from 1.5 into CS:GO, Not a clone.

If you’re just going to slack off and not get it done, then why did you even make this thread?

I’m on a roll, I HAVE released maps in the past, and depending on how things go, I plan to release this one.

I really don’t understand why you made this thread. It looks like you just decompiled cs_assault and opened it in the CS:GO SDK? I mean, if you were doing a complete redo and changing things up (even if that just meant textures and models), then I could see this thread being made, but as of now I just think it was a bit useless to.

Then change the OP which says you’ll probably slack off and not get it done. :v:

I Plan to, I’m just getting feedback as to if I should. That screenshot is old. I’m working on the new stuff right now. I just need to know of any glitches in the previous cs_assault so I can counter them.

Uh, ok
You know this could of just been posted in map pimpage right?

But then he wouldn’t have been able to put the poll up with otpion 4.

I am preceding to repromulgate the corresponding map no matter the Substantiality of laboriousness indispensability

I’ll give you an allocution; You must put a cessation to these threads instantaneously.

Yeah this thread a day thing is getting kind of old

FYI: I have only made less than 10 threads. I made this thread to ask what you feel I should do to assault. Then you guys post nothing useful at ALL. Had I put in Pimpage thread, I still would have gotten no feedback, as what has happened to the last few times I posted. All they did was give me an “artistic” and no feedback as to what it needs.

You guys are incredibly negative, immature in acting, can’t take a joke (unless it’s from someone popular) and don’t give good advice. Then you complain about how bad it is. You guys complain at my work sometimes (not this) even though you could do little better. (most of the peeps) Even though this is a “mapping” thread, it sure isn’t treated like so.

The most activity I have seen in ANY thread is the Yap & Blabber thread, which has nothing to do with mapping. Nobody here ever tries to help, the try to be the largest pain in the butt they can. Just because some loser shows up with a fullbright box doesn’t mean you have to belittle him to nothing, just give a link to a tutorial and send him on his way.

No gives any criticism here, except to say that you are a loser and go away, and the few that actually give some recommendation are completely beaten down and ignored.

When you comment, there is no backing to it. It’s all opinions. There are no “facts” behind those little snide remarks of yours. You just insult the person to belittle his opinion and call that an argument.

If you are gonna post, don’t be an utter moron, actually give some info that we can put to good use.

You say we don’t ever help…look at firegod’s record…he is always helping. If i see a question i can answer i do. Yeh, i’m a cynical sarcastic bastard, but that’s just how i am. I’m a londoner, what do you expect.

I got tutorials, sphinxa has tutorials, firegod has tutorials. Why do you think we make those other than to help out.

Truth be told, i have never much liked your style of mapping, the competition map was messy, a mix of various styles that didn’t really fit together. You post a thread up, having shown off two different floating island maps. Yeh, i know, i don’t release 99% of what i am working on either, but i think i work on things a lot more than you have on your last three (including this map).

Don’t you love it when a games tester goes honest…

We are immature yet you spam smilies and rate everyone dumb that acts negative towards you
FYI: You’ve made 23 threads.
You may be a good mapper but that doesn’t mean you can make a bunch of threads because someone doesn’t answer your question

Uh no

Don’t tell us how to post. We post in our own way. We help people who deserve it, if they act stupidly we don’t. We don’t help you because, honestly, you always act like this. I think I’ve seen what, 10 posts from you that are actually interesting. We post in Yab & Blabber because Facepunch is a forum, it’s a community. And the Mapping section has it’s own small community, with Yap & Blabber being our central area for talking.

Don’t say “you could do little better”, it makes you seem self-entitled as fuck.

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Yeah like we’re gonna take posting advice from you.

Welcome to Facepunch.

Now, it seems as though you’re just doing this to do something. Valve is going to publish it with the official release presumably, and it is going to be “picture perfect”, just as the others were.

Editing it again and again will only result in another cs_office_remix_xxbeta_daytime_snow

If you want something to do, that people will like you for; Try porting CS:GO maps, to the current Source. It’d take work to transfer the textures and that, but people might actually be interested.

What. All I said was that why make a thread if the OP states that you will most likely never finish it because of laziness, another said it should go in Pimpage, another made a point that Valve is making this anyway, and another was a response to you typing all “sophisticated”. Don’t see how there was any assault to you, and there are actually tons of facts and not opinions in the responses given in this thread, but you’ll still rage anyway I guess.

EDIT: Oh, and you even called your map a “crappy port”. If anyone’s negative and immature, it’d be you right now.

People do give criticism here. I don’t know if you know, but negative criticism is not equal to bad criticism. If you can’t handle to be told the truth, go on another forum. You, of anyone, should know that Facepunch is death honest, and honestly, this ‘project’ is dumb as fuck. Nobody will use this, especially not when Valve release it. I see how it to you may be great fun, but I doubt anyone here gives a fuck about the map itself.

My recommendation? Next time you plan on doing something like this, keep it to yourself. People will tell you it’s dumb. Why? Because it fucking is. Don’t get all defensive and start insulting this forum because people are being honest. If you’re tired of it then fucking leave. Nobody is stoping you, so instead of sitting there and act like a little twat, get the fuck out. Jesus…

Sorry if I’m a bit rough, but I hate when someone insult a service they use, even though it’s a completely optional service, with many alternative services which would probably suit them better. It’s fucking stupid.

I used to be ass at taking criticism, but once I began to take it, I became a much better mapper. I would recommend doing the same.

And this criticism was from this same Facepunch Mapping Forum, although I think the standards were higher years ago. At least in my opinion (could be nostaliga goggles).

Well, you didn’t say that then, when it mattered, so that was of NO help at all. That’s my point.

I’m just using the rating system like everyone else. People rate me “dumb” because they feel my post is dumb. I rate them “dumb” because I feel THEIR post is dumb (Sorry I couldn’t see how many threads I’ve posted) According to the ratings, I’ve only dished out 10 dumbs so It’s not like I’m spamming them to any and every post out there.

You only help people who deserve help. What kind of system is that? Who is the judge to say they deserve help? Also, I ASKED for help, not ordered you. Frankly I said nothing against you before this post, and you still rejected to give me help.

Yap & Blabber is a central of porn right now.

and Also, ratings don’t tell the entire story. You have more “dumbs” than I do.

So far, I have talked to about 20 friends about the matter, as well as posted in another forum about the idea. It was all positive. I come here it’s all negative. As in “you should fail moron” and as far as I know, that’s not ANY kind of criticism. That’s just insulting. I’m not complaining about facepunch at ALL. I’m complaining about the unhelpful twerps in this section always insulting anyone except established members. All I ask for is what should I do to improve it, and you just blast me because you think it’s a dumb idea.