cs_compound night

Let’s have a go at it.

As of today, I’ve begun work on a night version of the CSS map cs_compound. It’s quite simple, and the work done so far has been very basic but effective. Here’s a few screenshots:




There’s some issues, however. That nasty sun entity hasn’t been deleted, making the map seem like it’s on the moon. The areaportals are showing up with their hammer textures and need to be fixed/deleted (you can see these as the cyan-colored slivers in all three pictures). There’s also a large black square in the CT spawn that eludes my knowledge, but should be an easy enough fix.

Nice, it brings back memories :slight_smile:

Of what, might I ask?

When he used to go vandalize warehouses and spray graffiti at night.

Looks familiar.


Oh I get it, you changed the skybox.
Good work.

Oh I get it, you’re a troll.

Good work.

I had to do more than just change the skybox.

To fix your areaportals, just re-tie them to func_areaportal, most do not need a door set to them, and the ones that do are easy enough to set up.

Fixed the areaportal problem (sort of). The sun is now no longer up at night. Going to maybe add onto it some more. Expect screenshots soon.

Looks nice. You got my download.

Good Job.