my first map. i hope anyone likes it



also no room for improvements in this map iam just going to start a new map and improve my mapping skills

It was fun beta testing :keke:
This map has a nav file included for bots!

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cs_skybridge.zip - 2.7 Mb
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SHA1: 3d2bba2ec648ffcb2fdaa3577fdbf3da2843b40a

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Good but pretty blocky.

atleast its not zm_lil panic :C

That is a good part.
But it doesnt change the fact that its pretty blocky.

Not bad, I agree with Hakita, It’s kinda blocky but I’ve seen much worse :slight_smile:

Reminds me of a Red Faction 1 map.

Needs some plastic covers over the fluorescent lights.

Very sexy.


i sorta had to remove some less blocky bits of the map due to som weird bugs (please dont ask)
also i tried to cover it up a little.

what? i dont get it, fluorescent light?

thank you :smiley:

Looks pretty good, but the building textures are a bit stretched.

they shouldn’t been used that way ,i know.

:q: I like the style but it’s just a tad blocky.

its a office building.but yeah its very blocky i agree

I was expecting a bright map.


Not very blocky.
A bit.

When you showed us the map from above, I yelled, “OH MY GOD! AN EVEN MAP IN MY CS!? NOOOOO!!!”

Ya, it’s just a little blocky, add like trimming here and there and it should look fine in my opinion.

this was sorta my tutorial map where i learned most hammer tricks although allot of bug have been fixed i am not going to bother changing the map in anyway. i know its blocky i know i can do better NOW but i won’t simply because i want to continue on better things then this map. also some rooms are better decorated than the others those are the parts were i was experimenting with room decoration’s

Damn good for a first map.

Excellent effort for your first map. I am glad to see that it isn’t fullbright or empty.
You can use a little bit of work on removing that blocky feel. Try adding some sort of edging to the top and bottom of the walls and maybe rounding off some of the corners.
Also, some of your textures should probably be reconsidered.