cs_towaway_zone (RELEASE)

BETA 1 version of hostage rescue map in urban setting - parking lot facility - 64 player spawns - Multiple routes into / out of the building, hostages spawn randomly somewhere on the 3rd and / or 4th floors, info on the rescue points shows as map loads. A night-version of the map will follow.

All of the custom content is embedded in the .BSP map file, simply drop the folders in the .rar it into your csgo/maps folder, along with the .txt, .kv and .nav file. Enjoy


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please let me know if there are any issues with the map.

After seeing the pictures you posted I feel like it is very cluttered and I also feel that the concrete texture you used it too repetitive, Also why is there a helicopter pad on top of a parking structure?

can’t judge a book by it’s cover. The parking lot is next to a hospital, hence, medivac pad

Usually the medivac pads are ontop of the hospital instead of on the side meaning it would take longer.

irrelevant - play the map and then troll it

Looks nice, but seriously needs some distance-fog.

I had fog originally, but because everything is in the middle of the map, the fog actually cuts the FPS down a bit. This is a beta version, so once the community has had a go at it and had their say, I will tweak it and see about putting a fog fade back in - thanks for your comment

Those sprites on the police car look odd. The break lights should really be either Glow or World Space Glow as the clipping is painfully obvious, and the roof lights should be using alertnating fading sprites rather than those rotating light_spot’s.

Disable shadows on this door + low res texture


Ghost ambulance

Doors open one way

Fence made of Carbon nanotubes

The other side has no door

Texture misalignment

You can get to this roof, but not the other


Think of gameplay flow when you map. Wide hallways and such. Good visleaves.

I think you can agree that this is not your typical corridor map. I can’t imagine that you want ‘wider hallways’ in an open-air parking garage. The doors open one way because otherwise the BOTS will get hung up on them. The NAV I made isn’t the most spectacular NAV ever created, but what can be said, the BOTS are idiots. Thanks for pointing out the models not touching the ground, but issues like standing right next to the ambulance clip on the edge of the map and whether or not there is a door on the other end of a detail that has no impact on the world or gameplay is not critical to the way the map plays. If players are too busy worrying about why there isn’t a door on the end of an overpass walkway that they have zero access to, well, what can be said about that except “BOOM HEADSHOT”

thanks for your input though and the screens to help me out, your items go on the fix list

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actually, there is a timer that alternates the red and blue sprites for the roof lights as you suggest, they are there if you watch, they glow on and off. This SDK is a little different than other iterations, I really wish Valve would port ALL textures from at least the previous version of a game, but I imagine there is some sort of copyright or licensing issue between the different studios that they use to make their games, hard to say. I used constant glow which is what seemed to work best in previous Hammer versions, but I guess maybe you mean the glow sprite texture itself. I guess by the clip, you mean the way it interacts with the police car model. I will have a look at that. Originally, for the police emerg lights, I had light entities alternating on and off instead of the spotlights, the effect is decent, but of course there is a "“too many light styles on a face” noise during compile, which is incidental, but apparently CSGO doesn’t like named light entities, because I had the most awful black spots all over the place when I ran it in HDR the first time, which although I tried to correct it with HINT by separating the leaves between the different turnabouts on the floors (the rounded spots at the end of a ramp leading to the next one up, which was where the vast majority of the black spots appeared), until I removed the named lights, the issue didn’t clear. I thought it was maybe the env_cascade_light competing with the shadow controller, eventually I removed them both, I THINK I put the cascade_light entity back in, but in my opinion there was a negligible effect on the world from the inclusion of that entity, so it is largely irrelevant for the BETA release.

thanks for your input

thanks to everyone whom posted and also those whom have DLed the map. A project like this is a bit like a “forest for the trees” thing after awhile of mapping, so I appreciate all the help and input I can get.

This map started out some 4 years ago as a notion and until I got CSGO, I didn’t develop it beyond a very basic stage (just the lot) and as normally I strive to make heavily-optimized maps to ensure people with lower-end systems can also play, I realized that these days, you can get an all-in-one computer with a dual core for about 400 skabeens and so I figured I could dust it off for the big toys out there and still make it work for the average user.

cheers ~ uber :smiley:

BETA 2 is out here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=260986733&searchtext=

BETA 3 version is coming soon, please poke around in the version two and get your suggestions in before release