[csgo] aim_dojo beta


looking foor constructive (or destructive) criticism on my map, aim_dojo. When it is complete, it will have custom models, textures, and much better lighting. Basically it’s appearance is obviously not final. Looking for criticism especially on the layout. So far from playtesting with bots, it seems pretty fun. I like it. I hope you guys do to.

here, you can use the props from my dojo.


That’s a very nice looking map. I appreciate the offer, but I am already working with plenty of custom models. I’ve recently uploaded a video showing off the models I have in the engine so far. (Not all are mine. Some are made by DannymanPC for his killing floor map, Dynasty, which I will be porting to CSGO with his permission very soon). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f88c1b_XPt8

Very nice, altho it would be even better if it was darker but with way more windows to provide the place with light.

+1 looks good

the map is now in a final state and can be downloaded here as well:

That looks very nice, good work :slight_smile: