[CSGO] aim_fort - not released - WiP

New map that I’m working on,again the dusty enviroment.

-The top of the map is somewhere around 90% done,needs a few decals here and there and a few decorative props but it’s pretty much done.

-Right now i’m planing out how to use the underground,probably some kind of a mini fight yard type of a map.

http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/1155424861289626929/59A9FABACF326DB61DB897D4E44128879451AF23/[/t] [t]http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/1155424861289624702/91524A460882CB15FD4084D37795367ABAB3F239/

-Criticism welcomed

-Post ideas,suggestions.

Your mapping has improved since you last posted work, I like the lighting but the skybox is bland, add more environmental background to it.

Tnx :).

As I said,i’m working on the main play area right now,the skybox can wait but I will eventually make something later on.

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Well,i’ve spiced up the spawns :slight_smile:

Finally made the screenshots work -.-


Posted a new video up there,with the retexture and the new spawn.

Looks nice cant wait to see it done and play it.

How the hell did they get there with a boat?

well,they came in trough the opening in the background that you can’t really see…or you can actually see that that area goes on the left in the second photo of the spawn.

Add more crates and barrels in the yard, so it doesnt look empty

Sexy as hell. Hope to play in it soon.

Can’t release the map untill i buy the game,just my luck…

I already released a crappy version and got paid to do it. Looks very nice though! (I wasn’t allowed to detail it otherwise you would have some big competition!) Looks great. Good job :slight_smile: