Csgo bunny hops,slides or gmod bunny hops

Is there anyway you could code s&dbox like a mod perhaps,But maybe if that happens then it might go agaisnt csgo or css which I do not think would be great. What do you think ?

please Rephrase in english

In so confused?
Are you on about the shopping and surfing style physics in sbox?
If so I’m pretty sure someone can probably mess around and make it work, it’s not owned by csgo or anything

Do you think it will be possible to code in bunny hops from Counter Strike or from csgo into s&ndbox or do you think it will hurt another community by adding it? I know it isnt very exclusive or do you think that will be just a quality of life thing to add to the game

Yeah I am I just dont know how others will feel about that but yeah someone’s probably gonna do it

I’m not too sure but since this game is still on source, just source 2 instead, I reckon it wouldn’t be too hard to do it, and csgo and such are on source so it’s just a quirk of the engine they are using and not really a feature that they will go after, I mean If I recall correctly Crayz made his own stand alone bhopping game on steam and there isnt any issues with him doing that.

pretty sure garry wants the movement to be like hl2 so stuff like this can work

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s&ndbox pog