CSGO community weapon finish textures inaccessible for use?

Sorry this is such a simple question. Looked around GCFscape to find community weapon finish textures so that I could recompile them into props for a Christmas map I’m making. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any of the texture maps.

Is there some copyright thing that prevents people from using the community textures or am I looking in the wrong place? (I found the community stickers though which is odd) expected to find them in materials/models/weapons/customization/, but I had no luck.

A bit unrelated but also, I was wondering if it’s possible to toggle textures (sorta like env_toggletexture but for props) i.e. I’m going to have a display case full of knives and weapon finishes; instead of compiling 20 separate models, i could compile only 5 (1 per knife model) and just toggle the skin textures?