[CSGO Dodgeball] db_snow

A guy asked me to do a winter dodgeball map for his server, so I did.

Download the zip here (remember to type “map db_snow custom” when launching)
The vscript simply sets the player’s health to 1.
A cfg file also does things.
Download the vmf here.

Credits to Vulgarman for his gymnasium and support
Credits to Wazanator for not responding to my PMs and vscript knowledge
Credits to flyguy for making me realize vscript wasn’t needed
Credits to the guy who wanted me to make the map for his server

Sorry for not responding yesterday, I normally don’t get PMs here on Facepunch :frowning:

Map looks nice though, did you figure out how to force sv_inifinite_ammo automatically?

game_player_equip :rolleyes:

Bah should have known it would be something simple.

Can’t download the VMF. I think you uploaded the same folder twice.

Sorry, fixed that