[CSGO] Factory

It’s here fellows !

http://files.gamebanana.com/img/ss/maps/5334728a96248.jpg[/t] [t]http://files.gamebanana.com/img/ss/maps/5334729390699.jpg[/t]
[t]http://files.gamebanana.com/img/ss/maps/53347298b9636.jpg[/t] [t]http://files.gamebanana.com/img/ss/maps/5334729fb5409.jpg



**- 32 Spawns

  • Minimap/Overview with Localization names
  • Competitive | Casual | Deathmatch | ArmsRace
  • Working ladders
  • Advantage sniper spots
  • Custom nav file for better bot performance

I’ll post soon the IP Adress of a server running this map !


**Please leave your comment below, download and test it and let me know your feedback !

Looks nice! I usually make TF2 maps and small maps for GMOD like Escape Pedobear Maps.

Thanks ! This was my first bomb/defusal map for csgo thinking for the competitive side.

No overview in the Workshop?

On the way ! Thanks I forgot to add it.

I have setup a server to run this map ! it’s a dedicated 12 slots 24/7 !

Just type connect on your console or search for nickmaps in the tags of the community browser !

Looking good!

Just released a update fellows !


  • Changed CT Spawn
  • Changed minimap overview to match the new CT Spawn
  • Added additional supports to the Bridge.
  • Added cover on the road near CT Spawn
  • Added additional player clips.
  • Added cubemaps to enhance map reflections.
  • Added a custom KV file, teams are now ST6 vs Phoenix
  • Fixed Buyzone on T spawn.
  • Fixed func_areaportalwindow draw distances at Bombsite B
  • Fixed model collisions in shelfs at LongA and Bombsite B
  • Fixed visible nodraws.
  • Fixed bots being stuck at Mid and Office ladders
  • Made the entrance of the Mid connector wider.
  • Removed the fake ladder and the falling box at T spawn.
  • Removed boxes from Radio and Tunnel Connector entrances.

Thanks for the support !

Maybe I’m not seeing it, but for a factory, there seems to be a conspicuous lack of any machinery? Seems more like some sort of warehouse.

Yes, the battle happens at the storage part of the factory, it has some machines on the “Radio” area.

Just updated the map ! Here’s the changelog:


  • Changed collisions of props at Office.
  • Changed railings on stairs at TSpawn.
  • Changed the HDR BloomScale.
  • Changed position of the Box inside the truck at BombsiteA.
  • Added cover at Connector Tunnels/Mid.
  • Added double doors at Connector Tunnels/Mid.
  • Added fog.
  • Added and edited player clips to smooth player movement.
  • Removed the slide door at Connector Tunnels/Mid.
  • Removed props from Office.
  • Removed windows from Warehouse (LongA).
  • All windows at Rafters side of the Bombsite B are now breakable.
  • TSpawn door frames to Bombiste A are now wider.

Needs more pics.

Updated de_factory workshop description with images ! Check it out:


Made a small update to the map !


  • Added more clips to prevent player blocking.
  • Added soundscapes and ambient sounds.
  • Fixed func_details as world brushes.
  • Minor texture changes.
  • Double doors at tunnels now open at the same time.
  • Connector door to Bombsite A is now wider.
  • Removed the vent of the center wall at TSpawn/Mid.

Did you compile with -final?
This pipe:

Dunno about this, maybe just a corner of horizontal floor?:
Gate goes through the roof:
Maybe make this decal smaller:
Low res texture:
Floaters (Every Hummer floats):
This stair seems steep:
Some filler here:
Is the brick concrete or is the concrete brick?
You could make this a func_physbox so it doesn’t collide with the player:

Great work!

Yes it is compile with final ! Why ? I think that pipe has some incorrect cubemap, going to check it.

Its a concrete plastering (grout) (is that the correct word ?)

Also, near the vent with low texture has a floating box :v:

Thanks for the feedback, eagle eye !

Stuff like this:

I was thinking of this:

That’s a bug I can’t solve, already tried using a info_lighting, but every final compile that rolling door appear dark. :\

Thanks again !

Mess about with Disable Self-Shadowing with vertex lighting and Disable Vertex lighting