CSGO models fix (SFM Blender)

Lately I’ve been trying to fix the CSGO models. The error is whenever someone applies an ik rig or defaults a CSGO model, the model’s leg stretches and the arms get deformed. This is because of the model’s twist bones- valvebiped.bip01_L_foretwist, valvebiped.bip01_Luparmtwist, etc. So I decompiled a ST6 model in Blender and then I set up the vertex weight mix modifier for each twist bone and then I transported the vertex group of one twist bone (valvebiped.bip01_LUparmtwist) to it’s corresponding primary bone (valvebiped.bip01_L_UpperArm). That part worked. So I then applied and removed the Armature modifier from the ST6 model and deleted all the twist bones. But when I applied the armature modifier again with all the twist bones deleted and all their vertex groups moved to their primary corresponding bones, the model got horribly deformed like this:

Opposed to this (How it’s supposed to look):

What should I do to fix this model?

Well, gentlemen, after hours of hard work, I have found a way to fix the CSGO models. Am I going to to fix all of them? No. But a select few groups of models- like the SAS and ST6 models only, probably. I’m considering doing the zombie model and the FBI and SWAT models but don’t hold your breath. Here is an example of the fixed model:


The model on the right is the one I fixed. Notice how his feet don’t go underground and how his pelvis and hips don’t stretch like the model on the left, despite him being rigged with rig_biped_simple just like the model on the left. The CSGO sequences also work with this model, despite not having the helper bones. Unfortatnley, when the model is rigged with IK when it’s in “idle” pose, the model stretches. However, defaulting the model will fix the stretching.I am going to finish up these SAS and ST6 models and upload them to the SFM workshop soon probably.

I feel like its messing up because of the Physic Model, or Sequence files you have. I mean im not sure, Its happened to me a few times before. And the problem was either (EITHER) the idle sequence, or the phymodel. Good work! i love SAS woot!

Never mind, I have not fixed the models yet. This will take longer then I thought. Sorry guys- but when I reset the pose of the model to restore the mesh, the bones go out of shape and I will need to find a way to fix that.

Can someone PLEASE help me? I’ve finally found a way to properly rig the ST6 model in Blender and then delete it’s twist bones without it deforming. The problem now is whenever I compile the model into SFM, the model’s pelvis stretches and the feet go underground when I rig or default it. I’m beginning to think the $sequence “Ragdoll” is the culprit now. I tried deleting all the $sequences in the QC file and replace it with a custom $sequence I made myself by exporting a .smd pose from Blender Source Tools. But atlas, whenever I rig the model or default it, the pelvis still stretches and the feet still go underground. That makes no sense because defaulting the model puts it in it’s original position, right? Well when I load the model the pelvis isn’t stretched and the feet aren’t underground so that should make that pose the default one. But if I default it, it still messes the pose up! What am I doing wrong here? Can someone PLEASE help?!!

Photo of fixed Blender model:

Photo of defaulted/IK rigged model in SFM:

Try setting the idle animation as your reference file

Then try to apply the pose as a rest pose. (apply the armature of the reference, add another armature modifer, select the skeleton on the armature modifer, go to pose mode, Ctrl + A, apply pose as rest pose)

Chuckymore your input is appreciated. I have already tried doing that but it still messes up.

show me your qc file

The Ragdoll sequence is messed up its not the qc file. Pte Jack fixed it and he’s showing me how to do it later

Besides, the testidle pose can be a little irritating to pose and it would be aggravating to have it as a default pose.

It’s official, me and Pte Jack have found a way to fix the CSGO models


Thanks to me for fixing the CSGO rig and fixing the ragdoll pose

And thanks to Pte Jack for fixing the qc files, fixing the .blend files and just being overall a great help. He really does deserve the most credit.

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The sequences also work with the models!!! Not testwalk and testidle but they suck anyways I’ll upload a lot of fixed CSGO models but don’t expect all of them. Probably just one model per counterterrorist unit if even.

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This is my first workshop submission so the models may mess up. It’s very unlikely although. Don’t be afraid to report any problems to me.

Fixed SAS model variants:

Fixed ST6 model variants: (The base model too!!!)

Fixed terrorists/zombie models:

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Fixed FBI models:

Just SWAT then I’m done

Fixed SWAT models:

I’m done.