CSGO - My map's VMF is now empty

So I’ve been working on a map named de_heritage and me and my housemate have put a lot of thought and work in to the skeleton of the map, but I’ve just sat down to open the VMF and none of my brushes, props, decals, displacements - nothing at all that I’ve placed - is visible. I’ve tried restarting hammer. I don’t know what’s happened. Does anybody have any idea how to recover our map?

Two things you can try.

Look under “C:\HammerAutosave”. Depending on how you have everything set up, Hammer should regularly make backup files.

Another thing is to look wherever you have your mapname.vmf saved and look for a mapname.vmx file.
Delete (or rename) your corrupted/empty .vmf, then copy and rename the mapname.vmx to mapname.vmf

you can open the vmf in notepad if theres text copy it al to a new text file save it as a vmf then open it in hammer your map should load then

check also at the top bar in hammer to make sure you didn’t accidentally temp hide everything in the map

if the icon all the way on the right is green like this screenshot, click it, and everything should return. happens from time to time that I accidentally temp hide everything in my map and you get that brief moment of panic.

if it wasn’t this, then i’d look into an autosave. you should always be saving multiple versions of your map so you have versions to go back on like this

sometimes i even upload to dropbox as well in case anything were to go wrong with my pc as a whole

top gents, found it!