Csgo SDK entity problem

OK, so here is the deal, in csgo SDK, whenever I place an entity that spawns a player, hammer crashes, can someone please help me? I posted about this before and no one answered my problem.

Verify the cache.

If that doesn’t work, try an complete uninstallation -> reinstallation.

tried both things, didn’t work :expressionless:

I’m assuming you have CSGO installed as well?
Verify the cache for that as well.


ahhh the csgo sdk the buggy editor nr.1 nvm did you done anything to the SDK modded it in any ways?

I added some materials but that’s about it

are you making the beginners mistake of putting a large box around the world your making ?

Do hollowed boxes glitch in gmod?

Are you mapping for Cs.go or Gmod ? Cs.go is a higher build version than Gmod, so i’m not totally sure cs.go hammer built maps will run in Gmod, and placing a large hollowed box around your map will required loads of optimization to get good fps when playing on it

I am using a custom hammer config for gmod

when using CS.GO Hammer you will get this error CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: Map ‘maps/gm_csgo_test.bsp’ bsp version 21, expecting 20 map load failed: gm_csgo_test not found or invalid
because cs.go hammer makes a different .bsp version , The only Hammer editors you can use with Gmod is the one in garrymod/ bin folder, the one with the source SDK base 2013 multiplayer, hl2 hammer editor and the CSS hammer edit

I am using the source sdk base 2013 mp with a modified preset, so it should be working

try verifing the cache of source sdk base 2013 mp