CSGo SDk Hammer problem help

So i make maps(not very well) and I have been making a Csgo map and it has been coming along nicely. Every time I close the map I make sure I file exit it properly but every time I exit it a window comes up saying the program has stop responding. Then the next time I enter hammer it says it did not close properly and ask if i would like to open my map properly so I say yes and every time I did it it closed the program so I hit no and then it loaded the map with nothing at all. All the textures and blocks just a blank grid, waste of a lot of time. Someone please help me

I think in the Cs Go Editor you have to make it textured and not shaded under camera options

Nothing to do with the camera because there is nothing on the grid

i get the not closing properly issue but the only time i get the blank view screen error after a compile, and only if i set it to launch straight into countersrtike.