CSGO tagging for Rust

I’ve played rust since Legacy, and ever since then, the PVP has slowed down, watch legacy PVP action, and people are jumping around, charging with shotguns, and all that jazz, and it was awesome, but that’s legacy, that’s in the past. Rust currently is a semi slow paced PVP, similar to DayZ, where you cautiously hunt people. But there isn’t enough elements for this, If the person runs into an open field, that should be your chance to murder him viciously because he’s made the mistake of removing any cover from his vicinity, but that’s not what happens. The guy serpentine’s and escapes, with possibly 2 hits total, We’ve all been there, he gets to safety and starts talking shit in chat about how bad your shot is, but realistically, that’s just extremely difficult to hit. That guy should be punished for not thinking of sticking to the rocks and trees, and being fully aware of whats around him, he should be slowed upon bullet impact, not by as much as CSGO, where it is almost a full stop if you get hit, but from a full sprinting speed to a normal, non-sprinting speed. Because currently, I can rip the guys face off when he tries to head peek me from behind a rock, but the second he runs back and forth out in the open, i can’t hit him, even though sensically, he’s made a mistake and SHOULD die for running out into the open for everyone to shoot you. Especially since currently, we all run at the same speed, so if he runs, you may never catch up since you have to slow to a normal speed, aim, and try to hit him.

Rust is a different game with different mechanics.

Imagine being on the other end of those shots. You try to get away, and the damage slows you down. It would suck. But I don’t know. It could work.

Do we really need to make KOS easier?

IMO a geared player with amor should be slower than a naked, would help fresh players a bit.

Makes good sense to me. :sunglasses:

why not let gear have weight, why not let bullet impact inflict on your speed?

In other cases we ask to get stuff made “as real as possible”, so why not on these issues?

Let the juggernaut equipped player be a slow moving target and the skinny naked one take off like there’s no tomorrow, but once hitted getting slowed a bit before being able to get back to full speed unless being pumped full of bullets etc.