CSGO vmf to Source 2009 vmf?

I want to port some CSGO maps back to source cough cough like my maps.
Only issue is, I can’t open the vmf in source 2009, it just crashes. and it’s a pain in the butt. I tried everything.

Any idea on how to do this crap?

Well the vmf format is a little bit different compared to CS:GO, you could try using BSPSource

I HAVE the vmf, it’s just I need to port it to the 2009 version.

compile it, then decompile it.

And get all those screwed up brushes? In other threads, you would get throttled for doing that.

EDIT: nope, it didn’t work.

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I finally figured out how to do it, but it’s retarded.

  1. Save map as whatever.
  2. Open map in Crafty and save as .map
  3. open in hl1 hammer.
  4. Save as .rmf
  5. Open in 2009 SDK and enjoy.

(hates displacements though)


hahah, Epic workaround.

and it STILL screws up :suicide:

Odd enough, I can still edit the rmf file…
and save it too…
I guess I’ll have to compile THAT.

Woah, good job, guess that method would also work for decompiling Dear esther maps.

yes but

Maybe Quark can open it though.

I found that this worked.


I couldn’t try your method because I don’t have hl1.

You might still be able to use Hammer though. Oh well, not that it matters :3

I wanted to make a gmod map with csgo content.
I extracted the csgo models and materials to my ep2 folder and they don’t show up in hammer.

The L4D and newer games use some kind of new shader that doesn’t work in source 2009

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So ask them again. If you keep making threads, people will get annoyed.

So basically you are telling me to double post till I get an answer?

No. I’m telling you to wait a few days and if it isn’t answered, ask it again.

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