CSI G-ami (SCHOOL PROJECT, from the maker of magic school bus!)

This video was made by me and my friend in an hour and a half (including editing, audio, and lunch) for school, and we got 100% on it and our teacher showed it to every class because he liked it so much.

We weren’t on any drugs

Maybe your teacher was the one doing the drugs then.

EDIT: Was there a 2001 reference in there?

We live in a post-Columbine world and you were allowed to have guns in your video?

What the hell was this for anyways?

well yeah of course guns kill bad people

Forensic science.

Lol. How is this longer than 10min?

I have no clue. Youtube was like WOAH MAN YOU CAN’T UPLOAD THIS and it said it failed, but I checked my videos and there it was. I’m perplexed.

And I have no clue how we got such a contentless video to be that long anyways.

I’m at 1:33 and this is already the greatest gmod video ever

What class are you taking! I want in!

Forensic science. It’s about watching CSI on tv.

that was shit\

actually nah, it was mediocre. i didn’t like it because of the voice being too loud, and the whole thing being sloppily put together

I wasn’t there at all for the voice part, I was taking a shower and my friend was watching the clips for the first time and recording at that moment (guitar hero microphone even lol), and it was sloppy due to it being a Sunday and for school.

I’m making a sequel and it has much better editing and planning.

You can add videos with maximum length of 11 to youtube. Don’t know why. :slight_smile: