CSI: Infected

Glasses look ridiculous and the font isn’t that great.
But it was a nice joke. Funny for you.


oh, and zpiscool, I think the glasses are supposed to be that ridiculous

I did not smile


I dit not chuckle.


I did not lol.

You are a bad person.

This was funny.

Sorry, I read it like 10 times and I still don’t get it ._.

Watch CSI: Miami, and watch a man named Horatio Cane right before the intro song.

Didn’t even smirk. C.S.I.: Miami is the worst of the three. C.S.I.: New York is the best.


Also could have been funny with just he first two panels.

I like New York, too. Vegas was also good. Miami failed.

Miami just fucking blows imo


I thought CSI: New York was crap

Miami was the best

Loved the comic.

But New York has Gary Sinise!

haha keep em comiing XD