CSK Clan (ClanSoloKillers)|Recruiting|Multi Gamming|Active

The ǧK Clan was started on Aug 24th, 2007. This is a multi gaming clan. Some of the games we play are Rust,Halo, CoD4, StarCraft 2, Skyrim, MineCraft, Guild Wars1&2, League of Legends, Diablo 3, Path of Exile, and many others. We Believe in fair play and always have fun as a team. Members are required to have Teamspeak 3, and a Microphone. Majority vote rules.

Are website is cskclan.net

We have a Teamspeak,Rust server and 3 Halo servers

I hope this post dose not break any of the rules.

Are you guys still very active in rust?

Do you guys still play rust? If so I’d like to try and sign up.