cSleak - City themed Roleplay but at the same time non-roleplay MMO gamemode. Yep.

** I’m making another gamemode, but I decided to wait until I had a lot of it done before posting anything this time.**

** Roleplay Level **

I wouldn’t call this gamemode serious roleplaying, it’s more of a light roleplay. Here are the ‘roleplay guidelines’ it will follow:
If you’re doing things to other characters, you still have to use /me.

IC, OOC, metagaming and powergaming exist.

It is always s2k unless requested by both sides to rp.

There is no RDM rule, because death is almost never random. The only reason ‘RDM’ will be in affect is if you literally go around shooting people you have no business with.

Their is no death. Death works like this, if we stuck to NLR, it gets sloppy, and people are always finding loop holes. If you die, you will fall down as a ragdoll, you can be revived by people depending on your wounds. Otherwise you die, you drop everything on you, and you are then teleported to the spawn. This is the only part you have to remember, all you do is basically play it out as if you were critically injured, and somehow( make it up as long as it’s reasonable ), you woke up somewhere. You can think of other reasons but that’s the gist. Don’t know if I’ll keep this method.


Gameplay is simple, players can create groups. The groups created can have names, they get their own ‘bank’, and they are allowed to import supplies legal, or illegal with the groups funds.

Besides the player created groups their is only one main faction. The Police Department. The police is a flag-access group and the only way to be police is if you’ve been flagged by an administrator to become one. People who choose to be police, their inventory and data is wiped and they are now a police character. If you want to quit, your inventory and data is once again wiped, and you are unflagged.

The gameplay itself is city roleplay. The cops do their jobs as cops, and the other people can be law abiding, or they can create or join a world of organised crime and the not-so-organised crime.

This script does utilise script over roleplay, in order to maintain itself without admins needing to eye everything over. For example, lets say you wanted to rob an ATM. ATM’s store physical money inside them which you can rob out of the machine itself. In a serious roleplay environment you’d have to get ahold of an admin and then roleplay it out and they’d give you the money etc. Not the case here, you would use script features to get into the ATM, whether it be shooting the shit out of it until you can pry it open, or you could use an electronic device to crack it, or … blow it up. You don’t have to use a /me, because unfortunately, without a controlled roleplay environment people metagame, and it’s impossible to prove.

Personally, metagaming, powergaming and all that stuff has a lot of loop holes, there is always problems with people who do not abide, and then admins have to come in and take care of it, and tons of drama revolves around it. That’s why I believe in script-based situations, if they don’t physically see you breaking into the ATM, they shouldn’t know you’re doing it, ICly and OOCly.

The reason I stated in the thread name this game is partially like an MMO, is because of it being heavily-script based.

Features and Functionality

I want to keep this very straight forward:

** Features**

    • Item/Inventory
  • Permissions/Flags
  • Currency
  • Groups( Supply importing, bank&personal funds. )
  • Banks/ATM’s
  • Tons of item mixing, such as mixing chemicals, making weapons, other things.
  • Single-character based( You have one character, and one inventory )
  • Player abilities/attributes( Stamina, Strength, Agility, Engineering, Chemicals, Accuracy, Connections( Group skill ), Growing )
  • Custom Chatbox with the following basic commands( /y, /w, //, .//, /r, /me, /it, /ad, /phone )
  • Equipment( Visible on character model )
  • LiveItem( A system I made that allows me to make permanent items in-game, and without restarting the server or map to let them take affect. )
  • Map Saving( Items can be stored on the map, and they will be saved, over disconnect/restart/crash, forever. )

Read the bottom section below for the lua info

Lua Information

Before anything, this gamemode probably will not be publically released, I don’t know. I’m not going to say that it will because last time I did I ended up not releasing it and yeah.

The reason I’m even making this little lua section is for people that want to help out and make stuff for the gamemode, and I can put them in.


The reason I made this thread is because I plan on making this one work out and i’m going to be developing on it a lot, every day. I made this thread out of my ass so it’s not very entertaining or flashy. I plan to get images up soon, and hopefully a image of the chat box within like 5 minutes… Thanks for reading, if you read all of it. Questions, suggestions and criticism are accepted, I want to hear what you have to think. Thanks.

As for a playable beta I hope to have one up as soon as possible, but I can’t give an eta. Hopefully fairly soon.

I am particularly interested in this, it sounds like a good rp script that might go somewhere :D. Get some pictures up and dont disappoint, i would like this to go somewhere.

I don’t like the idea of only one character.

and there’s some spelling problems.

The ‘One-Character’ idea is just way of saying, there is no characters. Because like I said, it’s not serious roleplay, and multi-character support is usually what people look for in roleplaying. So I took it out.

And yes, there probably is a lot of spelling problems.

But won’t that be kind of boring? That means you can only have one “job”, and you will have to remove yoru character if you want to try another job/role.

No, think of it as a world with no laws. The police are the dominating faction, and the other small player made groups are the smaller groups, and less powerful. The whole point is to make as much money as possible, get weapons, and get your group/yourself to the top. As for “Jobs”, I don’t care what you do. The only reason you’d have a “Job”, is if you’re role is to play Police, other than that it’s up to you what to do, the script will give you tons of things to do.

It’s a big game of cat and mouse, and avoiding the police/assassination/robbery.

Or you can abide the law.

A friend in steam mentioned he likes to imagine it as Experiment/Phase-Four by conna, there is no real goal.

Hurray! Cider 2, but actually fun!
Will look forward to this.

I guess that is a good example.

looks nice, i liked the OO looking code for features


yeah I know, I just like calling it OO since I use OO in PHP

Seems like this will be a lot like tempus/perp… I like it. :slight_smile:

Yeah you could say it will be.

That is good considering I loved both of those gamemodes, yippie!

Will def be trying this whenever there’s a server running this

Making it so when you get E on an item, it shows a list of every special action that item has. Actions are added to an item like so:


newItem.actions[“Test Action”] = function( player )

local actionEnt = cSleak.items:getActionEntity(player);

print( player:Nick() .. " used Test Action on " .. string.lower(actionEnt:GetClass()) .. "!" );



I added containers.

Looks really good, keep up the good work man. I’ve said it before but if you ever need a hand with anything - even though I’m busy with stuff unrelated to GMod - you can always e-mail me. Good luck mate.

thanks for the support :slight_smile:

Forgot a part of the OP.

Looking good, mate.